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Our free-standing ornamental candles are individually hand poured and have been designed to decorate your home. If you do however wish to burn one of our ornamental candles, NEVER leave the candle unattended whilst burning. PLEASE ensure that you have placed the candle safely on a flat and even heatproof surface where melted wax can safely drip onto. Make sure the candle can burn safely without damaging anything in your home.

Make sure you always:

1. Place the candle away from anything flammable

2. Always use suitable holder when burning candles

3.  Keep away from small children and pets

4. Never leave a lit candle unattended

5. Keep the wick trimmed

Soy wax blend

All our candles are made from vegan friendly soy wax blend unique to SKNDI house. All candles are hand poured so there may be tiny differences that make each candle unique. This may include small amount of white frosting on the surface of the candle, which occurs in all natural soy wax blends.